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Let the Messages Not Be Forgotten


I am new to ToneWay Project. I stumbled upon the site while in search of lyrics to familiar old-time music.

I am 52 years old and grew up where I was broadly exposed to all types of music … especially the time honored traditional music such as you present on your site. I have spent much time playing and singing the old tunes and hymns, as early as I could pick up an instrument and serve in Church at the age of nine. The music is precious to my soul.

In recent years, out of concern that the golden oldies would be lost to future generations because of lack of exposure or their struggle to understand their meanings, I have been capturing the essence of their messages in a straight form of writing and credit them as my inspirations. In doing so, readers have responded fondly and gone so far to take close examinations of the sources; old prayer hymns are among the most popular (my book has one in every chapter).

Your “project” is wonderful, as it offers a community and is certainly a site where I plan to aim future links. I was delighted to discover you yesterday. Here is my first post inspired from two of the “people musics” that I researched on your site.

One thing to note: On my desktop PC, playback of the songs does not seem to work. It works from my phone. Any suggestions? I would rather point to your site for both lyrics and listening purposes, rather than point to YouTube videos by others. I would gladly boost your site in every way possible for the cause of lifting up this heritage that I hold SO dear. While my site on the link above is new, I have over 1.2 million followers to whom I reach among the main websites where I have posted since 2011; so, I am able to drive some traffic to TTP.

God Bless. Thanks again for being here.



Thank you for sharing these songs and your tribute to them. Everyone's music, including hymns, is just a little different. So although I have never heard these before, they are delightful. Thanks again.


I love the hymns, too, and am currently making it my goal to learn to play more of them in the Bluegrass and Old-Time styles.

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