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Thoughts on playing Tenor Guitar?

Hi, I have enjoyed your course and currently play (kind of) 5 string banjo. I'm thinking of learning Tenor guitar and was wondering what your thoughts are using that instrument with your program, jamming, etc.?




Unless you have no physical reason for limiting yourself to 4 strings, 6 strings will be more versatile, useful and easier. On the other hand, tenor guitar works better than baritone uke (they have same tuning, i.e., top 4 strings of guitar) for jamming as it has a bigger sound.


For the record, tenor guitars are sometimes tuned in fifths like the mandolin or violin, albeit not GDAE but CGDA like the viola, tenor banjo, and cello. I have little personal experience with this approach though… I tuned our four-string guitar to CGDA once and it was fun to mess around with, but mostly it just made things difficult (lots of finger-stretching/nimble fret-jumping is needed in my experience).


Hello, I have strummed a tenor guitar in a large acoustic jam, and folks have mentioned how they heard it, and liked it! :) This one is tuned as Luke said, to CGDA. It sounds brighter than the guitars around it. Thanks for the site! -joe


I recently bought a tenor guitar (Blueridge BR-40T) and tuned it open G (D, G, B, D). It makes it so natural. Tuned to open G this way is the same as the top 4 strings of the Dobro and banjo, but easier than these for me.

I've now tuned my baritone uke the same way (and the tenor uke too, but to G,C,E,G). I've included a 'how to' for open tuning for ukulele in the ukulele book upgrade!

The real treasure for me is how I only need three 'chord shapes' (yes! only 3) which I plant up and down the fretboard. This floating pattern is like that for mandolin, but with the added advantage of being open tuned. I am finding my music play coming much more intuitively now.

Being one of the least when it comes to music talent, I do need the simplest possible way, and so far, this seems to be it. This has really been a revelation for me, especially for picking melody which I've always had trouble with.

If your interested, see,


I finally purchased a tenor guitar,also choosing the BR-40T. It's been lots of fun. I just strum the basic chords at this time with friends who play Ukuleles.

I tune mine DGBE and use the same chord shapes as I did when I played Baritone Uke. Lot's of fun and mimics the guitar quite closely.

I'm working hard on the fiddle but enjoy strumming my tenor guitar and banjo too…:)

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